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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Night of the Creeps (1986)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Night of the Creeps (1986) This classic underrated film from the mid 80's has always been a treat if you ask me. Aside from the cool slasher flicks that came out back then, Creeps is one of the better horror movies of the period. It combines some cool sci-fi elements and borrows from many a classic to create a mix of zombie, alien, and slightly slasher movie fun. The beginning is set in a spaceship, where some midgets in alien suits are chasing one of their own who jettisons an experiment that of course ends up crashing into good old earth. Aren't we a lucky planet? Why does everything always end up coming here? Why not Pluto or better yet Uranus? We always get the monsters, the comets, the meteors, the spaceships, and all the other intergalactic crap floating around out there. It's 1959 and it's filmed in black and white, which is a cool touch. The container full of 'experiment' crashes to earth and in a very Blob like scene we get a cool set-up for the rest of our film. Not bad enough that a strange alien slug has been sent here to crawl into your brain and incubate until exploding forth with more slugs, but a mental patient has escaped from the local insane asylum. Lucky for us that a young couple gets to meet them both on this night. The slugs like to enter the body through your mouth. Flash forward to 1986, the local college is in full swing and this is when the fun really begins. It seems our slug- infested friend from 1959 has been kept in a cryogenic chamber all these years just waiting for a couple of unlucky college losers to free him and the plaque he carries. Did I mention that these space slugs cause zombiefication? Well, they do and do it very well. If you toss in a few breasts, a cop with a secret, some walking dead, exploding heads, a flamethrower, plenty of quirky dialog and in-jokes, and lots of nasty alien slugs, then you get the last hour and twenty minutes of this masterpiece. A zombie was put to death by lawnmower here long before Peter Jackson did it in Brain Dead. I'm not saying he saw this scene and decided to amplify it 100%, but you never know. There's just something disgusting about a slug jumping out of a dead dogs mouth and into a college jerks'. The FX were good and the scenes of zombie heads popping like slug filled zits worked every time pal. A great film that deserves more respect than it gets!
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