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Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)
Movie Review by Necrotizing Fascist

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) I didn't see the first one. I had heard it was underwhelming, so let it go. However, when this one came out, I heard it was better than the first. Next time you hear that, keep in mind that botulism is better than the bubonic plague. Just because it is better doesn't make it good.

It is easy to blur the lines between suspense and scare. This seemed to function solely on suspense, which I enjoyed. It starts out subtle, letting you catch onto what's going on. As things escalate, I am caught up in the plot, so wait patiently for two things to happen.

And they never do.

First, I wait for the security system to be utilized more. This isn't a spoiler, it is a major player that is underused near the end of the film. This could have answered questions for the characters about who is where and what is happening. I wanted to see them use the security system more since it was such a big deal, and held all of the answers.

Second, there were three theories about the reason we are here in the first place. First, we are given two dead family members that could be at large and communicating. But what keeps getting revisited is that a supposed member of the wife's family is collecting a debt for a deal made. These are guesses, nothing is concrete or shown to be fact.

There were a few fall backs that I didn't care for. Like, you can recognize profane language in four letters, but not another person in the house's name. Second, the old “adults never believe the children, but they are right” devise. Third, don't put your child down two seconds after you find them in the demon's lair to grab your camera.

After that, the movie stops.

Maybe some of this was explained by the first, but not well enough for me to either see it or waste my time on a third. The next time I have to choose between botulism and the bubonic plague, I'm staying home.

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