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Paranormal Entity (2009)
Movie Review by The Insane Old One

Paranormal Entity (2009) Wasn't the best movie night here on the Other Side, kiddos.

Spent the evening with "Paranormal Entity", a film that was obviously attempting to follow in the footsteps of "Paranormal Activity", but I was hoping for a little ingenuity...some new twist to add to my ghostly experience.

Peering as I often do from just out of your range of sight, I found a wonderful horror film experience watching "Paranormal Activity". Of course, I never believed it was a true story, and never claimed it was an Academy Award quality film...but I tremendously enjoyed the "less is more" feeling, and it reached back eons to that place in me where the small child is, and squeezed on that nerve held back in my subconscious mind when I had lain wondering just what the hell those sounds were in the middle of the night.

That being said, I think after having seen "Paranormal Entity", I'm now feeling what those out there that DIDN'T like "Paranormal Activity" felt...this movie, besides being an absolutely shameless rip-off, didn't even deliver the goods that "Activity" did. At least in "Activity", you SAW some scary things...the footprints were otherworldly...the sounds were ungodly...and the camera didn't get pushed into the closet during important scenes...I guess we're supposed to believe that this particular demonic entity KNEW it was being filmed, and decided itself (in approved parental/MPAA fashion) that what it was about to do would be something that didn't need to be committed to posterity.

Demons with a conscience...how refreshing.

I would like to say something redeeming about this one, but anything good that COULD be said about it has already been said about it's superior predecessor...being this is a cheap and unapologetic copy, I won't even attempt to justify it's values (or lack thereof).

OK I guess if you liked "Activity" and simply can not wait for the sequel...otherwise, a total waste of time.

You've seen it, and a better version to boot.

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