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Prey (1998)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Prey (1998) This short-lived television series was about a new species of human that has appeared on Earth and is trying to kill off the old species. Dr. Sloan Parker (Debra Messing) is at the forefront of this discover, along with friend and scientist Ed Tate (Vincent Ventresca of INVISIBLE MAN series). She's supposed to be misled and perhaps even killed by Tom Daniels (Adam Storke of THE STAND), a member of the new species, but he decides to turn sides and help the humans. There's also the guy who is in charge of the project, Walter Attwood (Larry Drake), who is secretly working for a branch of the US government.

The new species, dubbed Homo Dominant, can reproduce at age nine, has four uteruses, so if they appeared in the 1950's then there could be as many as a 100,000 of them. They are also cloning themselves for some reason, which, unless they can fast-grow the clones, it would take as much work to raise them as a natural born person. The cloning episode didn't make much sense to me.

Also, the whole premise is on the "the strongest survive" theory of evolution (it's a bit more complicated than that), posing that a new species appears with the desire to wipe out the old species, that it's built in, when what generally happens is the new species has adapted better and the old one dies out. It's a much more passive process that takes thousands and/or millions of years. Here, it's condensed into a period of fifty years.

Their origin is in Mexico, yet all of them appear Caucasian in the first six episodes. Then, some African American looking people of the new species appear, which makes no sense (if they are the same species originating from the same small area, they'd resemble each other in terms of skin color, features, et cetera), until there's an episode that makes it clear that if they mate with a normal human female that the child will be a member of the new species. In fact, the episode PROGENY, which deals with this, is one of the best stories of the series.

A sort of a lame, if inevitable story, is Tom Daniels volunteering for an experiment that would turn his DNA to human DNA-- and he's able to feel human emotions and gets all mushy/feely, especially towards Sloan, which goes along with that cliche that only humans have emotions and can feel things (If you're a pet owner you know the truth).

I really wanted to like this series more than I did but it's sloppy sci-fi writing at best filled with naive ideas.

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