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Prometheus (2012)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Prometheus (2012) What I liked about PROMETHEUS: The first half. What I didn't like: The Second Half.

Ridley Scott's return to the ALIEN universe fills in a lot of the information left unexplained in that first movie, such as revealing who the "Navigators" are (first seen as that giant, fossilized looking alien amongst the eggs) and implying what their agenda is. It makes sense WHAT the ALIENS are in all those movies and why they can so easily change shape, depending on the host. The movie is also visually consistent with the ALIEN (and ALIEN VS. PREDATOR) movies.

However, not enough time is devoted to the main characters, particularly the scientist couple who instigate the whole space trip to begin with, so that when something happens to them you really don't care. It does make the android "David" one of the more interesting characters. One thing that bugged me is the casting of Guy Pearce as

Weyland (the funder of the expedition) when I kept on thinking it should have been Lance Henriksen, as he was in three of the franchise movies. There's also some truly unbelievable scenes, as when the main character gives herself an cesarian (they don't use the word abortion) to get rid of a creature growing in her womb. And when we see what it looks like--it's the spitting image of Gamera's VIRAS.

Also, there's too much "faith" and "religion" tauted about amongst the characters. When the scientists discover that the humans were made by these aliens she firmly clasps her cross when someone asks her if she still needs that. "But who made them?" she says, believing with all her might. But I'm sure this will appeal to 90% of America--and that's why they put this goofiness in.

I left this much-tauted movie thinking it was visually stunning but irritated that it seemed like a rerun--and that it blatantly left it wide open for a sequel--and not an ALIEN sequel.

If you're a completist you probably have to see this but if you're expecting something new and exciting for the Sci-fi film genre then don't visit here.

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