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Puffball: The Devil's Eyeball (2007)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Puffball: The Devil's Eyeball (2007) I really wanted to like "Puffball: The Devil's Eyeball" just by the name alone. However, as it turns out, a movie with a title named after a fungus didn't live up to my expectations (not a big shock since "Shrooms" was pretty shitty, too). It's not a terrible movie, just wears the premise out MUCH to soon...

Kelly Reilly (looking exceptionally finer than she did in "Eden Lake") is an architect constructing some contemporary housing in an rural Irish valley when she's accidentally knocked-up by her boyfriend in the nearby woods. He rushes off to New York on business, leaving her there to discover the pregnancy, while some close-bye villagers, desperately wanting one of their family members to conceive, think up a plan to steal her child...

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what was going on in this movie most of the time. There was a lot of strange voodoo rituals involving aphrodisiac-vodka concoctions, penis shaped mushrooms, an old rock with a glory-hole, and used-condom handling... Our attractive redhead lead goes through a series of fertilization related struggles - miscarrying, then apparently NOT, then having sex with the local handyman, then being pregnant with a prematurely developed fetus, and so on. It got so jumbled that I was just hoping Maury Povich would appear with his magic DNA test and declare someone the father! "Puffball" was really just all over the place. Then the upbeat ending was surprisingly underwhelming... However, visually, the movie was well done and darkly toned. We also get a few "indoor" perspective cum-shots, which was interesting, but like everything else - including Donald Sutherland's two short, random appearances - it just didn't fit in. Scenes go by, seemingly devoid of meaning, and it eventually concluded, leaving me completely unphased. Maybe the novel of which the film is based explained the relevance of the mushrooms, shoes in the wall, etc... It was just a mess!

I say, don't bother with "Puffball: The Devil's Eyeball"...

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