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Push (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Push (2009) I was rather amazed that this "Psychic battle" movie managed to be unbelievably boring and filled with cliches. It's like a remake of Cronenberg's original SCANNERS minus anything that made that movie interesting. The previews and even the synopsis on Netflix makes this flick sound wildly exciting. They are all lying.

The premise is that there have been people with psychic powers since World War II and the governments of the world have been using them in secret wars against each other. In China, Nick Gant is on the run from The Division, who wants to capture and use him for their purposes. But before they capture him he's visited by a thirteen-year-old girl named Cassie, who is a "Seer". She can see the future, which doesn't mean a heck of a lot because she says the future is always changing, so she's just seeing the possibilities. Throughout most of the movie, as she and Nick are pursued by the leader of the Division and his henchmen, she keeps on telling him they are both going to die, which becomes meaningless after a while because it never happens. And as a viewer you know they aren't going to kill these characters off in a Hollywood movie. It's dumb.

Nick and Cassie's goal is to find another psychic who was recently injected with a serum that boosts abilities--and this turns out to be, coincidently, Nick's old girlfriend. Somehow she can destroy the Division. But do we care?

The one thing that was confirmed after watching this movie is that actress Camilla Belle (10,000 B.C. HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE remake) has no screen presence whatsoever.

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