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Repo Men (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Repo Men (2010) Remy's (Jude Law) job is repossessing artificial organs. When someone fails to pay ninety-days after their "final notice" he's sent out to collect. His best friend, Jake (Forest Whitaker) seems to enjoy the job a little too much. When he makes a reclamation right outside of Remy's house during a backyard barbecue, Remy's wife gets pissed and makes him promise to apply for a sales position at his work. But before he can do this he goes out on another job and has a mishap with a defribulator, which puts him into a coma. He wakes up in the hospital, horrified to find himself hooked up to an artificial heart. He pulls it out but ends up signing the contract to have it installed anyways. But Remy can't get back into doing his job. Now, he feels sorry for those who are begging for their lives. He meets a woman also on the run and together they try getting away, though they know it's probably hopeless.

I found this futuristic movie very entertaining and timely, sort of a cross between BLADE RUNNER and Terry Giliam's BRAZIL. It's extremely brutal and realistic, with solid performances. For the past several months I kept on hearing on this movie blatantly rips off REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and even the title from Alex Cox's 80's movie REPO MAN. Granted, REPO! and REPO MEN both deal with the idea of these guys whose job it is is to reclaim organs that are not paid for. But it's an idea that I've seen done in sci-fi and comics for over thirty years. It's like saying every alien contact movie since 80's rips off CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. And as for it "cashing in" on Cox's thirty-year old movie, boo hoo. You can't copyright a title. Recommended.

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