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Seed (2007)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Seed (2007) As it stands, Uwe Boll's name alone is met with disgust amongst the horror crowd who find his video game adaptations to be a pitiful blemish on the face of the genre. Personally, I haven't been able to muster up the level of hate that Boll has sparked in most throughout the years, mainly due to the fact that I haven't seen any of the aforementioned types of films. However, I have checked out a few of Boll's more recent films such as "Postal", "Rampage", and "Seed" - all of which I found agreeable, to say the least.

"Seed" can best be described as Boll's attempt at an 'uber-shock' gore film. A hulking, masked serial killer by the name of Max Seed has been apprehended and sentenced to death-by-electric-chair. After surviving numerous bursts of high-voltage death-zaps, the guards decide to just secretly bury him alive. Of course, Seed pops out of the dirt and goes out for revenge against the prison faculty that dumped him in the ground...

Anyone who has seen this flick will tell you that very little about the premise makes any sense. Still, it's not that bad. Uwe Boll tries desperately to offend his audience and make them squirm - for example, by showing the time-lapsed decomposition of a baby, genuine footage of animal cruelty, and an on-going (not-so-genuine) shot of an old lady getting viciously bludgeoned with a hammer. Many - if not ALL - of the negative reviews I have read for "Seed" seem to point out that the film is "disturbingly violent and depressing". Clearly, Boll's films somehow beckon the most fragile of "horror" fans since that is what I call a winning endorsement! I commend Boll for pulling no punches with the flick and actually taking the side of the killer just to upset people. That doesn't mean "Seed" is great cinema by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a dumb slasher that obviously ruffled some feathers with it's harsh brutality and mean spiritedness. I'd say SEE "Seed".

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