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Seventh Curse, The (1986)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Seventh Curse, The (1986) Yet another off-the-wall Hong Kong splatter gem from Ngai Kai Lam - the guy behind the infamous CATIII gore-fest "The Story of Ricky". "The Seventh Curse" doesn't keep the blood gushing as often as Ricky, but it's definitely a wild flick.

A bad ass cop has to return to Thailand to reverse a series of 7 deadly blood curses that were inflicted upon him a year earlier by the malevolent sorcerer leader of the Worm Tribe. It all started when he broke up a ritual in which a hot native chick was about to be sacrificed. The resulting curse causes veins in his legs to burst and after the seventh one, he's dead...

This is more of an adventure flick than anything, "borrowing" a few elements from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as well as a creature that was no doubt ripped off from Ridley Scott's "Alien". There's some good bits of cheap looking gore, though I'm pretty sure I got a chopped version since mine was about 78 minutes with a CATII rating. That's a little hard to believe since this thing is a bit "strong" not to be slapped with a CATIII label. Be that as it may, "The Seventh Curse" has some rubbery puppet monsters, gut-munching, well choreographed fight sequences, nudity - at one point showing a woman cutting her tit and feeding a piece of it to a dying man, and a scene in which children are thrown into stone crushing device in order to siphon their blood.

In all, quality stuff. Fans of the crazy HK horror/comedy/action shit that floating around out there will probably enjoy this...

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