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SGU Stargate Universe: Season One (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

SGU Stargate Universe: Season One (2009) While I loved the original STARGATE movie I never got into the 10 Season Television series as it was too "wink wink" clever and the characters annoyed me. However, this most recent Stargate series is much more of its own thing, which I liked. Rather than a group of people shipwrecked on an island they are a group that's stranded on a wrecked ship.

First three episodes, "AIR", tells how they got on the enormous ship via an alien world that was under attack and also exploding. Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) seems to know more than everyone else. Since he's studied the ancient languages and is familiar with the "Ancients" who originally constructed the Stargates, he's able to decipher the language and figure out the controls. It turns out the name of the ship is "Destiny". It's millions of years old, on a journey to the other side of the Universe. Colonel Young, the most senior military officer, wants them to try using the Stargate to dial back to earth but Rush insists it's too dangerous and that they don't have enough power. The ship is only working at 40% capacity and more than half of it is damaged. In fact, they are running out of air to breath and the only way to fix this is to manually close an area of the ship--but in order to do this someone must sacrifice their life. This turns out to be the Senator who is with them, who was injured and is also running out of his heart medication. He leaves behind a daughter who starts a relationship with one of the soldiers, much to the dismay of Eli, the man/child genius who was recruited by Rush. Eli knows math and was able to solve a problem that was secretly imbedded in a video game. Also on board are about forty or fifty people, including other scientists and a female paramedic who now has to be their doctor.

The next batch of episodes deal with them trying to restore power to the ship, avoiding crashing into a sun, getting water to drink and finding a cure to a bacteria they picked up on one of the planets. Among the only aliens they encounter are these small "mite-like" creatures from a desert planet that hitch a ride onto the ship and start consuming all the water. They find a home for them (and preserve their water) when they transport it to an ice world. Then, on a rainforest world they are attacked and killed by eel-like creatures. The only thing that saves them is the storyline involving time-travel. Although the crew are millions of light-years away from earth they are able to communicate back home via these "communication stones" from the ancients. This allows them to switch bodies with someone on earth (and vice versa), in real-time. This allows the Senator's daughter to tell her mother that her father is dead, the Colonel to try to patch up things with his estranged wife, and Eli to visit his sick, HIV sick mother.

SGU Stargate Universe is an interesting show. I will definitely check out the rest of the episodes.

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