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She Kills (2015)
Movie Review by The Mortician

She Kills (2015) One thing about b-movie director Ron (VICIOUS SWEET, MS. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST) Bonk- he never makes the same movie twice. Each of his flicks is a totally different, unique vision and everything he does is extremely well planned out in terms of style, execution, and camerawork. SHE KILLS is no exception. Inspired by Bonk's passion for '70's exploitation cinema, SHE KILLS is all that and much, much more. If I told you the plot, you might not initially be too bowled over: Sadie and her beau get married but a gang of thugs repeatedly rape her and murder the hubby on their wedding night. Sadie discovers she has a super power, dons a female CROW face, and avenges hubby's death like a post-PMS psycho super-heroine. (As a matter of fact, she inadvertently helps a young Bruce Wayne become BATMAN...but I'm getting way ahead of myself now!) As they say, it's not the story but more how it's told. Taking this simple plot and adding layers and layers of '70's style salutes from EVERY genre and a bizarre Troma meets Frank Henenlotter sarcasm into the mix only begins to describe this irreverent hybrid of a movie. There's also a bit of J-Horror influences I caught, from more recent stuff like MACHINE GIRL. There's overexaggerated bad acting and set pieces. There's deliberately silly gore. There's extremely grotesque gore. (Examples include a cold sore eating bad guy and a victim that vaporizes into fecal matter STREET TRASH style while driving a car!) There's kung fu action mixed with deliberately out of sync dialogue There's a car wreck staged with...matchbox cars! Yet the ending confrontation in an abandoned warehouse has an underdog feel that's much like FIRESTARTER as our heroine goes up against all the baddies and rights the wrongs. There's crazy castrations galore and an unforgettable scene where Sadie puts on an improvised "strap-on broken bottle" and rapes a bad guy anally. (Boy that was painful to watch!) And oh, did I mention her super power? Her feminine crotch scent makes men go psycho but later, after a lesbian psychic helps her get rid of this problem, her pussy becomes a super powered weapon that annihilates men if they have sexual relations with her! Got all this straight? I thought not, but don't worry- Ron Bonk and his delightfully wicked cast somehow make it all work. There's action, drama, splattery gore, psychedelic illusions, and even a killer BOOGIE NIGHTS-ish extended dance sequence in the middle of it all! (Or was Bonk going for SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER?) There's falling boom mikes, cameramen in the mirror...you name it, it's all deliberate and part of the fun. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then clearly you need to go back and binge-watch '70's exploitation movies like WALKING TALL, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, anything with Bruce Lee, etc. etc.) Stellar acting notices have to go to Jennie Russo as Sadie, who turns in a bold performance laced with tons of nudity. Could've done without the fake pubic hair gag, though- real is always better in a case like this! (I'm a purist, I know!) Trey Harrison absolutely chews up the scenery with his part as the lead bad guy, and wow, what a ridiculous fake beard! The music score by Emmett Van Slyke is excellent, kind of Tangerine Dream meets John Carpenter, and the movie delivers in every way possible if you're in on the joke and keen to the b-movie scene, especially those '70's and '80's flicks where you didn't know what to expect. Bonk has captured that spirit with SHE KILLS- it's a rousing good time of madness, mayhem, gore, comedy, eroticism, revenge, and much much more that delivers the goods! See it...more than once.

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