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She-Wolf Of London: The Complete Series (1990)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

She-Wolf Of London: The Complete Series (1990) Grad student Randi Wallace (Kate Hodge of HIDDEN II, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3) goes to England to study with Professor Ian Matheson who teaches about mythology and monsters. She's a huge fan of his recent book. There's an immediate attraction between the two from her first day of class. When he discovers that she still needs to find a place to live he offers his parent's bed & breakfast, where there's a room available. She goes off to explore the moors and while along in her tent is attacked by a werewolf. She wakes up in the hospital and they tell her a dog must have attacked her. A month later, during the full moon, she painfully transforms, though we only see her with long claws, hair on her hands and yellow eyes. She's still on campus when she transforms and chases after a terrified Matheson, who barely gets away. This is done in a long point-of-view shot of the werewolf. She wakes up the next day, naked, in the mens' showers.

She remembers almost killing her professor and he says she's mistaken, in denial. But she knows she's a werewolf and wants to find a cure. They both return to the place in the country where she was attacked and they find an odd ring. She thinks it belongs to the werewolf who attacked her. Then, they come upon a Gypsy camp. One of the guy Gypsies is very suspicious and they end up chasing him to a quarry. He crashes his vehicle and he starts transforming while being burned alive. The next full moon the Professor helps Randy lock herself in the basement of the Bed & Breakfast.

In the next episode a Bogman is discovered by Ian's Aunt and they go to take a look at it. It's displayed in the local pub--but when Ian and Randy arrive the Aunt is murdered, her eyes and mouth stitched up. Then, other people in the town are killed by the reanimated corpse.

In hopes of learning more about the supernatural and finding a cure for the lycanthropy, Ian places an ad in the newspaper that he can help with supernatural problems. Soon after, a woman answers it and tells them that she thinks her brother is being kept prisoner at an insane asylum. He's also a werewolf. The crazy doctor in charge is keeping him captive in hopes of being able to duplicate the transformation process, as a weapon. Only every patient he injects the serum into explodes. He keeps the guy caged and makes him change with artificial moonlight, a luna-light. When Randi goes undercover as a patient, she's also caged. The episode is one of the best of the series, showing transformations of two werewolves, and how this is truly a curse.

Another good episode concerns an evil circus, a la SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY comes. Randi falls for the ring master, who has an agreement with the devil.

Other episodes involve such creatures as a trio of succubi, in which Ian is aged, and zombies, in which Ian actually dies and comes back as the undead. When it's revealed that the dean of the Professor's college ends up being a witch, Ian exclaims "I can't believe Samantha Stephens is a witch!" (which is funny because that's the name of the main character in the show BEWITCHED). Other stories have Randi's ex-boyfriend coming to England, trying to get her back, much to Ian's dismay.

In episode fifteen, CURIOSITY KILLED THE KRAVITZ, Randi gets a frantic call from a college friend in Los Angeles, telling her that aliens are her neighbors. She books a ticket to California and Ian goes with her, since they are phasing out his position at the university. In LA they investigate those suburbs and uncover that trolls are capturing people and then impersonating them so that they can live on the surface. Ian and Randi free an old wizard, who turns all the trolls into tree frogs. Ian gets his own television show, "How Strange with Dr. Matheson" and he and Randi finally hook up. In "Habeus Corpses", which revolves around a law firm run by vampires, Randi and Ian finally try having sex but the feeling of passion begins to transform Randi into a werewolf. "Bride of the Wolfman", one of the series' weakest stories, has the duo sucked into an unfinished monster movie from the 1940's, where they are pursued by a fake looking wolfman. "Heart Attack", about cupids gone awry, has a cameo by Thomas Jane (DARK COUNTRY, PUNISHER).

These last five episodes are really quite terrible. The producers tried making into a light-weight show like REMINGTON STEELE and it's much more of a comedy. They even changed the werewolf transformations so the she becomes a much more traditional werewolf. And the Professor, sort of a nerdy guy, is now acting like Cary Grant.

It's also disappointing that there are no extras whatsoever on this DVD set. You would think they would have at least an interview with co-creator Mick Garris or actress Kate Hodge.

Aka: Love and Curses

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