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Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger (1977)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger (1977) Sinbad, blandly played by Patrick Wayne [son of John Wayne, uh, how did he get this gig again?!?!], is on his way to get permission from hottie Jane Seymour's brother to marry her for some odd reason. [Why anyone with the name SIN-BAD would want to ask permission to do anything is beyond me!] Seymour's brother is amidst a war with a witch, who turns him into a Ray Harryhausen baboon [which looks awesome, by the way!]. Poor Jane begs Sinbad to help restore her brother back to normal so they all embark on a journey to find this hidden shrine that can reverse the spell. The whole reason to watch this movie is for Ray Harryhausen's (then) cutting edge stop-motion effects. He even had a hand with scripting the film, probably based on fx gags he wanted to try out. There's a witch shrinking down to miniature size, a scary Golden Calf hybrid named Minoton that harpoons men with his spear, a giant wasp attack, a Jurassic Walrus, a giant Cyclops creature that joins the quest along the way, and the titular saber tooth tiger. (All the stop motion animated and blue screen effects look excellent to me, having grown up in this era, and give today's CGI a run for their money. There's just something about actual animated models that looks more organic and realistic than any character created with a computer! Maybe because it's...man-craftred and not cartoony?] Of course, the witch and her henchman are not far behind, and everything ends in a big confrontation at the shrine in an ice cave. Although this movie is rated G, I must mention a nice sequence near the end where shapely Jane Seymour and sultry Taryn Power decide to wash all the grime off and go skinnydipping, briefly flashing their curvaceous rumps and breasts like it's no big deal in G-rated land! [Amazing that this could be shown in a G-rated movie...my how times have changed, for the worse! Prudish American watchdogs! Taking my G-rated female flashing away!!!] Gotta say, as a twelve-year-old viewer who talked his parents into seeing this picture in the cinema when it was originally released, the naked women on that giant screen were quite the unexpected treat. Equally as good as Harryhausen's stop motion frights, these two teasing tarts wowed me with their fleshly delights! And still do!

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