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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Snake King (2005)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Snake King (2005) First there was Anaconda, Boa, Python and King Cobra...now a more unlikely giant snake movie by the name of SNAKE KING slithers along.Stephen Baldwin portrays a helicopter pilot/guide to a group of scientists searching for 'the Fountain of Youth' out in the Brazilian rain forest. They are caught in a storm and the copter crashes, so they have to make their way on foot to the other group they are supposed to rendezvous with. Unfortunately, that other band of scientists are killed by a huge reptilian predator. At first, it seems like a giant snake with these ridges on its head. Later, it appears to have three heads in total. There's at least nine heads on the thing by the end of the movie. By this point it actually resembles the Hydra from Greek mythology, which would have been a better title, I think. This giant snake, worshipped as a god by the local natives, refer to it as 'Naga', a name from Indian (as in India) tales.The special effects are over the top, with the snake heads pulling people apart while they are alive. There's even a scene where a man is 'drawn and quartered'-a snake head has each of his limbs and they pull all at once, leaving a screaming torso. It's comical because it looks so fake. The creature is also a sloppy eater, biting off limbs and leaving them behind. Snakes don't quite eat that way.I suspect that the producers, having made a zillion of these 'rampaging animal' movies for the SCI-FI CHANNEL just through up their hands and said 'whatever' to this particular story. If you want to see a much better snake movie involving 'The Fountain of Youth' you should rent out ANACONDAS 2: HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID.
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