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Spider-Man (2002)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Spider-Man (2002) First let me say I have never been much of a Spidey fan. Sorry, just never was my thing. I was always more into Thor, Daredevil, and Cap'n America than the old web-slinger. I will give Spider-man credit as being easily Marvel Comic's most recognizable though and that his movie was pretty damn good. The story was good and stuck to the comic pretty well (except for his webs), the acting was fine (William Dafoe is Norman Osbourne), and the FX were awesome. It was weird how much I liked this film. Maybe it's because I didn't have any feelings toward the comic like I did for X-Men the movie (which I still have mixed feelings on). You couldn't have made this movie without the computer FX and they were one of the best elements to me. The scenes of Spidey swingin' through the city really are breathtaking. I had no gripes with any of the characters or actors who portrayed them and I liked seeing Kirsten Dunst's nipples... nice touch! Speaking of Mary Jane, seemed like to me Mary Jane was kinda slutty in this flick. Okay, she was dating Flash at the start of the movie, then she's dating Harry Osbourne, while dating Harry she's tongueing on Spider-man whenever they meet, and by film's end she's swapping spit with Petey Parker at Harry's dad's funeral no less. I don't think you need a web to tie her down to bed, maybe just a couple of beers. Anyway, Spider-man is fun and (along with Daredevil) gives me hope for both the new Hulk movie and X-men 2. This new wave of Marvel movies has surely been the best comic adaptations ever in terms of fun and entertainment. The old Spidey theme at the end credits was a cool touch. Guess that Raimi will be known for something besides Evil Dead now.
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