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Splice (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Splice (2010) SPLICE is a modern-day Frankenstein story. Two scientists, Clive (Adrian Brody of THE JACKET) and Elsa (Sarah Polley of DAWN OF THE DEAD remake) create a new species of creature, which includes some human DNA. At first Clive wants to abort the experiment, especially when it stings Elsa, but he soon begins to support his girlfriend's unorthodox experiment. At first the creature looks like a weird alien, with a big split head, catlike eyes and only two limbs. But it is aging at an accelerated rate and as it does so begins to look more and more like a human woman.

When one of their other experiments goes awry and they get in trouble from the lab they work for, they realize that they have to move their creation, now named Dren, somewhere else. So they take her to an old farmhouse that Elsa had inherited from her crazy mother. They kept Dren locked up in the barn, complete with a heater, a huge tank of water for her amphibious characteristics, and toys. Dren begins to develop a crush on Clive--and Clive begins to sense this attraction. In fact, he realizes that Elsa used her own DNA in the chimera's creation, which may be the reason why he's attracted to Dren.

But Elsa is going over the edge and begins to abuse Dren. It may be because she's back at the old house where she was abused by her mother or it's just an aspect of her personality coming out that she's hidden from Clive. Whatever the reason, a rift develops. When she finds the two having sex she retreats back to her city apartment.

SPLICE is a solid monster movie that feels reminiscent of an old David Cronenberg movie, back when he was making horror. The CGI effects are seamless and I was totally convinced that this creature actually existed. I also like the fact that the last twenty minutes came as a surprise but still fit well with the rest of the movie. Recommended.

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