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Strangeness, The (1985)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Strangeness, The (1985) A couple is exploring the entrance to a mine. The guy goes in first and sees a wooden cross imbedded in some rocks, blocking his path. He pulls it out and causes some rocks to fall. But this awakens something, though we only hear it at this point. It gets both of them.

Then we go to a group of people who are going to explore this old gold mine and around a campfire talk about the legend, how there's supposed to be someTHING living in there and that's why they stopped mining. After a dozen disappearances the miners quit. The person paying for the expedition works for a mining company and he wants to make sure there's enough remaining gold to make it worthwhile for them to reopen the mine.He's a douche-bag and becomes more paranoid as the movie progresses, endangering the others' lives. The first victim is one of the women and we briefly see the monster, which is rendered in stop-motion-animation. The others find her dissolved body and think she stumbled upon an old pool of acid, which the miners used to help dissolve the rock. It's really the creatures digestive juices, which another soon finds out. There's a near-cave in in one of the tunnels, lots of panicking and a strange underground wind. Soon it's down to just several survivors and they have a very hungry subterranean creature after them.

This is a fun, old-fashioned monster movie. While the acting is just so-so, it's shot and lit very well and you get a feeling of claustrophobia as the movie progresses. It's somewhat similar to THE BOOGENS though has more of the acting talent and stop motion animation of THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER. I must say that it does have an original looking monster, like a cross between Cthulhu and a vagina. Recommended.

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