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Terror At London Bridge (1985)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Terror At London Bridge (1985) This made-for-television movie starts off with a unique premise. The London Bridge, which had been moved, brick by brick to Lake Havusu in Arizona, is the site of a new batch of murders, which mirror those of Jack the Ripper's from 1888. The movie begins in 1988, with the Ripper being chased, then shot to death on the bridge. He falls into the Thames, knocking off a brick as he plumits--a brick which is shown sinking to the bottom of the river. Back in the present, that very brick is discovered and placed into the newly constructed bridge. A woman tourist accidently cuts herself and bleeds on the very same brick--coincidently, of course, the following night. The blood bubbles and before you can say "You're truly", Jack is back. Without any explanation as to why.

Killings begin, all happening on dates that correspond with the original murders, and two English-accented characters are introduced--a rather scary looking, gaunt fellow to talks about good and evil, and a rather disarming, much younger fellow, who you immediately know is the killer. Despite Jack's being resurrected in such a supernatural way, the supernatural slant is ignored the rest of the way. The cast, which reads as a roster of staple actors from mediocre television shows, are all bad stereotypes, particularly David Hasselhoff as the hero detective and Stephanie Kramer as his love interest. The only interesting character is played by Adrienne Barbeau (Creepshow, The Fog) but she's one of the first to get killed off.

All the while I was watching this movie I wanted to know why the London Bridge was moved to Arizona--forget about the Ripper, why was the damned bridge moved? When the final confrontation finally happens--a surprisingly standard fist fight between Hasselhoff and The Ripper--no more is explained about the killings. The Ripper gets shot, falls over the side, as in the beginning, and the very same brick falls into the lake, ending with the same shot that started off this fiasco. And still not explanation about the damned bridge...

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