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Ticks (1993)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Ticks (1993) I saw Ticks years ago (the film anyways, not on my 'nads) and it didn't make much of an impression on me then. As of late though, with so many bug, rat, bat, and every other small creatures that can be cheaply computer animated movies popping up on video store shelves, I decided to check it out again and get back to the old school where bugs were made with latex, not PC's. Ticks did impress me this time. With a cast filled with former TV comedy stars such as Seth Green, Alphonso Rebiero, and Peter Scolari, not to mention the icon Clint Howard, Ticks has that fun old time appeal of the sci-fi films of years past. The FX impressed me and there were some actual bloody scenes in this thing. I did have a hard time believing in the supposed toughness of the one time stooge from the fresh prince, but hell, he turns into a giant tick by films end, so hat's off to ya Alphonso. Anyways, these ticks aren't your woodsy, average variety. Thanks to ganja farmer Clint Howard's chemical steroids he's been using on his cash crop, these ticks get mutated to the size of a big ole' sweet potato and seem to breed at a tremendous pace. Soon, they are everywhere just in time for a group of city kids arriving for a wilderness retreat camp. You get all the stereotypical characters here, but it's kinda funny and the ticks had to have something to snack on so they are as good as any I guess. Wacky hi-jinx ensues as the kids battle the ticks and the dope growers for the right to life. Clint's 'I'm infested' line is a classic and there are many cool scenes of ticks either latching on or popping out of both human and canine host throughout the movie. The ticks look pretty good for the most part and the huge one at film's end had me grinnin' like a mule eatin' briars. There wasn't much of a bodycount here, but the ones that do get it perish at a nasty demise. Nature's vampires make for a disgusting subject and this film made for a pleasant surprise. Give it a chance to suck you in for 85 minutes.
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