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Zoo: Season Two (2016)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Zoo: Season Two (2016) In the second season the series gains some momentum. It's some months later after the events of the last season one episode. Everyone thinks that Jamie is dead but she's been rescued by a guy up in Canada-and she still has the leopard cub that may be the cure for the change in animal behavior. The rest of the team goes to South America and comes across a human who has mutated into a very aggressive creature. This may be a threat even more dangerous than the animals. It's here they pick up another team member, soldier Dariela, who ends up becoming a love interest for Abraham. As animal attacks arise the government comes up with "The Noah Objective"-in which all animals will be killed off and then resurrected afterwards via frozen DNA samples. However, Jackson, Mitch and all the others know this will destroy Earth's ecosystem and there's no coming back from that. So not only do they have to continue to find a cure they have to stop this Noah Objective from being launched. To further complicate matters Jackson begins showing signs of the mutation and Jackson's father, presumed dead several years before, is really alive. And it's this mad scientist that has a lot of the answers. Not only is "The Mother Cell" responsible-there's a secret organization, The Shepherds, who may have something to do with all this. Now, not only are mammals and birds affected-insects begin making coordinated attacks. And they are all working together, preying on humans.

One member of the team is killed off and they gain a new ally, who gives them a large plane outfitted with scientific gear. They do finally rescue Jamie, though her hardships trying to survive in the Canadian wilderness has changed her. And she's brought with her a young man she met along the way, someone we're not quite sure if we can trust. Everything comes to a head in the last episode, in which the Noah Objective is launched-but it doesn't kill the animals. The cure the team launched with helfp of the The Shepherds cures the animals but the Noah Objective has sterilized all of humanity. No more children will be born. Then, we briefly skip ahead ten years, to a very different world.

Of course, this all leads to the third season, in which hybrid mutant animals are rampaging across the world....

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