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Blu-Ray Horror Movie Reviews - Blu-Ray Times with Herr Doktor

Welcome to The Blu-Ray Times with Herr Doktor, where you will find reviews of some of the best horror movies and sci-fi movies on Blu-Ray. Thinking of upgrading your regular DVDs to Blu-Ray... let Herr Doktor fill you in on all the gory Hi-Def details!

Poltergeist (1982) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 03.23.11

Poltergeist Blu-Ray Review Spielberg's story of the American dream going to hell is a classic not unlike Psycho, The Exorcist, and any film fan can tell you a damn fine watch. He even hired Tobe Hooper (dir. Texas chainsaw massacre). This is a horror fans dream. What's not to like? Cute kids, cuddly clowns, demonic skeletal lions, the "Beast", and a clairvoyant dwarf, all wrapped up in the real estate deal snafu from Hell itself! Now that's entertainment!

Craig T Nelson coming off his role as the nasty Prison guard in Stir Crazy, and a young actress Jobeth Williams brings b ...read more

Constantine (2005) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 02.20.11

Constantine Blu-Ray Review Howdy Fiends!

It's your 6th favorite Doktor here with a remastered version of Constantine in HD format to talk about.

Based on DC/Vertigo Comics Hell Blazer, Keanu Reaves plays John Constantine. He is sort of a "Ghost Whisperer" who specializes in demons, who try and cross over into our plane thus breaking the neutrality of the war between heaven and hell. He is an expert exorcist, but not so much as in caring for those he saves, but trying to save his own ass. You see kiddies Constantine committed a mortal sin in suicide, but is brought back to ...read more

Hellraiser (1987) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 02.18.11

Hellraiser Blu-Ray Review "We have such sights to show you"

Anchor Bay has knocked another one out of the park with this evil little gem called HellRaiser. The restoration shown to this 1986 film is simply fucking awesome. You see? This is what I'm talking about over and over again. Some companies treat horror titles like trash filmed for the moronic (see Hatchet 2 review). Horror fans deserve TRUE HD quality, just like fans of Brokeback Mountain, and Gandhi! Anchor Bay has restored the New World title based on Clive Barker's Hell Bound Heart and his demonic brood called Cenob ...read more

Psycho (1960) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 02.13.11

Psycho Blu-Ray Review Psycho, 50th anniversary edition on Blu-Ray. What can I say about this classic tale by Robert Bloch about a boy who is swallowed alive by his Mother?

Do I start with a beautiful Janet Leigh who plays the would be thief, who shows so much paranoia and stress about her deed, I actually as the viewer felt guilty myself? Re-watch the scene between her and the cop in this new edition and see real tension. This is acting folks.

Do I start with the absolutely perfect acting of Anthony Perkins? Perkins OWNS this part with part humility, and 9 parts savagery. His obses ...read more

Hatchet II (2010) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 02.09.11

Hatchet II Blu-Ray Review Hello fellow fiends! Been gone working on graduate work, but that's done for now, and I can focus on what's important, Horror!

Last Tuesday while browsing Amazon, I saw that Hatchet 2 had been released. I flew from my house like a bat out of Hell to the local store snatched the Blu-Ray and a 12 pack and went back into my cave to watch it with the enthusiasm of a football fan on Super bowl Sunday! Hodder, Todd, Danielle Harris (hot), and gore like an Italian zombie flick, I was psyched. But then I noticed something, It simply was not that good.

1. Ad ...read more

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 12.29.10

Dark Night of the Scarecrow Blu-Ray Review Easily my favorite made for television horror film; Dark Night of the Scarecrow kicks ass folks. It is really that simple. It's creepy as hell without buckets of gore, profanity, or over the top CGI. In other words they don't make them like this anymore. Charles Durning usually typecast as the grumpy gramps character plays one twisted letter carrying bastard. Underneath the calm surface of his kindly smile swims the unspeakable twisted secrets of a murderer who loves his work. Besides his work in O' Brother where art thou, this is Durning's best work.

Larry Drake plays poor ...read more

Evil Dead II (1987) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 12.21.10

Evil Dead II Blu-Ray Review Greetings fellow fiends! It's your good Doktor here to discuss Sam Raimi's rehash of the Evil Dead called Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn in yawning bluray power! I say yawning because well folks this is yet another way for good old Sam to milk his cash cow Ash Williams!

Yes Ash gets his Chainsaw on (literally), yes the effects are cooler, and yes they have a hot as hell redneck girl in this one, but let's face it fiends. This is no sequel, but a rehash/remake with a bigger budget. My man Bruce is as always dead on (pardon the pun) as the Buster Keaton/Charlie Ch ...read more

Evil Dead, The (1981) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 12.11.10

Evil Dead, The Blu-Ray Review Sam Raimi's cult classic The EVIL DEAD shrieks to a new level with the tweaked visuals, and decent sound on Anchor Bay's blu ray treatment. This awesome creature of low budget indulgence has been imitated a 100 times, but has yet to be matched. I love this film, because in comparison to the EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS it seems to attempt a horror show, where parts two and three are slapstick comedies with demonic nasties thrown in for good measure. Bruce Campbell deserved a better agent as he definitely would have had a career as a comedic leading man in the vein of Jack Black. ...read more

Amityville Horror, The (1979) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 11.17.10

Amityville Horror, The Blu-Ray Review The DeFeo/Lutz demonic ghost fiasco comes to life with a new facelift, and much improved soundtracks in this Blu-ray re-release. Based on Jay Anson's Amityville Horror, this movie made ghost stories cool again back in the late 70's. Rod Stiger, Margot Kidder, and James Brolin as George Lutz do a decent job as the a haunted family, and their priest who takes a royal beating from the spirits in question. Get Out indeed!!!

There are a few goodies here as I noticed a new "Jodi" scene in the form of the giant pig, as well as boasting a nice upgraded pictu ...read more

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1974) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 11.12.10

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Blu-Ray Review Hello Fiends, Herr Doktor here with another Horror favorite upgraded to Blu-Ray format. And let's tell the truth and give the Devil her due, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is arguably one of the greatest horror films ever presented. With a relative couple of dollars compared with other budgets of the time, Tobe Hooper knocks us on our candy asses with pure brutality. The film was ahead of its time on many levels bringing us several horror classifications in one. Slasher, Torture-Porn, Exploitation, and a house that could easily be featured on A&E's Hoarders Halloween episode all wrapped ...read more

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